God Is My Spinach

Thumb through this book and you’ll see it’s not like the other books on this shelf. Pious and dreamy are not foremost in Bob’s style. Bob has been creating his weekly Good News for more than 12 years and publishing them on the web for over 11 years. Now, selected daily works are available in this book, on paper, in your hands, so you can hold it close to your heart. You’ll find a table of contents and index,in case you’re feeling studious, and a format not limited to a period of time. Good for your leap years, too. Once a hard-drinking salesman on the road, Bob and God gathered his strength to develop his Christian business ethic, to pursue athletics, and to marry June Holloway and raise a family. Sit down with Bob and find your strength in a daily helping of Spinach. It’s good for you.

God Is My Spinach



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